Between the Folds

Between the Folds involves constructing a genealogical narrative of transcontinental migration stretching from Europe and the East to the south of Africa during periods of our history where globalisation saw the rapid movement of people between different regions or parts of the world. I have become fascinated by the complex familial, cultural, religious, linguistic and 'racial' intertwinements in my own geanological lines that challenge and transgress notions of fixed identities and compartmentalised histories. This project has unfolded in the form of an interplay between loss of memory, silence, self-imposed silence, concealment, 'unmindfulness', unknowing, forgetfulness and the loss of knowledge regarding past histories, events, entanglements and catastrophes.

The first work that arose from this project was the photomontage triptych "Klipkop 1902", which was been followed by the diptych photomontage "Dwarsrivier 1901" and "Between the Folds: Drifting among Shadows". For the latter project I undertook 7 psychogeographic walks in Dresden and Leipzig where I followed my great-grandfather's "shadow" between the places he lived in these cities before emmegrating to South Africa in 1861. The book plays with the notion of forgetting as 'repressive erasure and humiliated silence' and comprises three volumes mapping out my walks interfaced with images and texts regarding the horror these cities lived through and the heights they achieved apropos science, music, literature, fine and decorative arts and book publishing. This book is not yet complete.