Drifting among Shadows

Drifting among Shadows is an artist's book in progress informed by 7 psychogeographic walks I undertook in Dresden and Leipzig where I followed my great-grandfather's "shadow" between the places he lived in these cities before emmegrating to South Africa in 1861. The book plays with the notion of forgetting as `repressive erasure and humiliated silence' and comprises three volumes mapping out my walks interfaced with images and texts regarding the horror these cities lived through and the heights they achieved apropos science, music, literature, fine and decorative arts and book publishing. I am experimenting with new formal devices regarding the design, typography, folding and binding of the pages, as well as the materials I am using. These devices are significant in that the sign values of the materials, folding, stitching, binding and covers are intertwined with the content of the work. The volumes are constructed with tracing paper and cotton rag paper in a way that the above-mentioned texts and images are partly conceiled by being imbedded in blackned pages or are bound and partly hidden between the folds of the pages. Images are also read through the transparent paper as layers and intertexts inscribed over one another, and as such read as palmpcests.